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NZRelo - Anika Moa

Anika Moa

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Not that she should need any introduction but just in case you’ve been hiding in the closet for the last 16 years – this is the story of an adorable yet feisty Kiwi icon.Anika Rose Moa is a clever, charismatic and funny as all hell singer songwriter from New Zealand/Aotearoa. She began writing pop songs at the tender age of 13 and is now an established singer, writer and mother of three.Back in 1999 Anika was spotted by Atlantic Records and became the youngest Kiwi artist to be signed to a major American record company. She was catapulted from Hornby, Christchurch to the bright lights of New York at just 18. With the help of her New Zealand label Warner Music she recorded her debut album ‘Thinking Room’ with Australian producer Victor Van Vugt (Nick Cave, PJ Harvey) in the big apple. Back in New Zealand the album ricochet to number one and her stellar career began.

Anika was living the dream, but terribly homesick. She knew her heart was Aotearoa’s so she returned to focus on her burgeoning success here.

She has released six albums thus far and continues to evolve as a writer, artist and performer. She is recognised as an accomplished songwriter and her ambition is just to get better and better at writing. Be better than Coldplay at least. Lol

Anika has a long list of accolades to her name and while she’s terribly humble, here’s a list of them:

  • Winner APRA Children’s Song Of The Year award for ‘Colours Are Beautiful’ – 2014
  • Winner of Best Children’s Album award – 2014 New Zealand Music Awards.
  • Winner of Best Female Solo artist award – 2010 New Zealand Music Awards for her album ‘In Swings The Tide’
  • Winner Best Female Solo artist award – 2008 New Zealand Music Awards for her album ‘Love In Motion’
  • Winner of the Songwriter of the Year award – 2002 New Zealand Music Awards for her song Youthful
  • Winner Best Female Vocalist award – 2002 New Zealand Music Awards.
  • Nominated for three APRA Silver Scroll Awards in 2005 (Stolen Hill), 2008 (Dreams In My Head) and 2010 (Running Through The Fire (Storm)).

The Maori beauty is set to head on a National ‘Queen at the Table Tour’ this September. How exciting!

She is also available for weddings and karaoke sing offs. 

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