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NZRelo - Chong Nee

Chong Nee

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Chong-Nee is a name synonymous with New Zealand’s hip-hop and RnB music scene. A winner of two Pacific Music Awards (Best Album /Best Male Performer) with his debut album Just Getting By on Love, we have been waiting in anticipation for his next instalment.

With his third album soon to be released, The Carnival will showcase that soulful voice and one of a kind musical production that we’ve grown to love.

From early on in his career there was no doubt of the musical talent Chong-Nee displayed. As one half of the RnB duo, AKA Brown he wowed us with a sound unheard of before in NZ with the hits Something I Need and Baby We Can Do It. His collaborations with artists in the late Phillip Fuemana’s label Urban Pacific Records included Mareko, The Ill Semantics, and Dei Hamo. But it didn’t stop there. Chong-Nee went on to work with such musical legends as Dave Dobbyn, the Finn Brothers, Che Fu and Australia’s own Renee Geyer with Renee even doing a cover of his song You Got My Heart.

His talent doesn’t however just lie in RnB/Hip Hop with his formation of a reggae band Foundation in 2010. Delving back into his roots Chong-Nee produced, wrote, managed and sang in the group. Performing at NZ reggae shows Exodus, Reggaelution and Raggamuffin, they released their album Give Thanks to great reviews. It is no wonder that Chong-Nee is considered a super talent amongst his peers.

With his ability to create, play, and sing music it has to be said that Chong-Nee is as always, someone to watch out for. As he moves into the next phase of his musical career you can be sure that whatever he does it will be done with the pure, raw talent of a seasoned musician.

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