Working With Children – Blue Card Queensland

In Queensland, the check needed to work with children is called the “Blue Card” system, and is performed by the Public Safety Business Agency. All convictions (including juvenile), spent convictions, pending charges, non-conviction charges, allegations made to police and/or disciplinary information from child-related employers on a person’s record are taken into consideration when issuing or refusing to issue a Blue Card. There are two notable exemptions to needing to apply for a Blue Card when working in Queensland – registered teachers and police officers, who should instead apply for an Exemption Card.

If you have committed any crimes that would disqualify you from working with children (these offenses include crimes with children as the victims), it is an offence to apply for a Blue Card and carries a fine of up to $55,000 or a jail term.

There are different fees for a Blue Card depending whether you are in paid employment ($81.40) and people who are volunteering or doing internships (no fee). Usually, when applying for a Blue Card, the organisation that you are to be working for will take care of lodging the Blue Card application with the appropriate authorities.