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Drivers Licenses in Western Australia

Moving to Western Australia ? Confused about the driver license process? Click below and find out what you need to know, leave a comment or share your experience so others can learn from you and your journey.

Everything You Need To Know

Department of Transport
Driver and Vehicle Services
GPO Box R1290
Perth WA 6844

Website: www.transport.wa.gov.au/dvs
If you are living in Western Australia, you will need to switch over your New Zealand driver’s license to a Western Australia driver’s license. You can drive using your overseas driver’s license for the first 3 months, after which, you must apply for a Western Australian driver’s license. If you do not switch over to a Western Australian driver’s license once you have been in Western Australia for 3 months, you must stop driving until you have gotten a Western Australian driver’s license.

If you are applying for a car or motorcycle license, you do not have to re-sit the written road rules test or practical driving test if you are over 25 years old and your New Zealand driver’s license has not expired by more than 12 months or you have a current New Zealand driver’s license. If you are under the age of 25, you may have to re-sit your theory or practical tests.

You will be required to take an eyesight test at the Driver and Vehicle Services Centre or regional agent when you apply for your license. If you need to wear glasses or contacts to pass the eyesight test, your license will say that you need to be wearing your glasses or contacts while you are driving.

The Difference Between Learners & Restricted Licenses

Western Australian driver’s licenses have four license “stages” – learner license, provisional license (stage one, also known as P1 or “red Ps”), provisional license (stage two, also known as P2 or “green Ps”), and open. Each of these stages have certain restrictions until you have reached your open license, and while you are not on your open license, you must take care to always display the correct “plates”.

P1 or “red Ps” have restrictions in relation to when you can drive, with a curfew between midnight and 5am (unless it is for study or work and you have an exemption).

P2 or “green Ps” do not have the same curfew, but still must display their green “P” plates.

Once you have completed your provisional license requirements, you will receive your open license and no longer have to display “P” plates.

Transferring Your License From New Zealand

To transfer your full driver’s license from New Zealand to a West Australian driver’s license, you will need to do the following:

  • Complete a transfer of overseas driver’s license application form;
  • Bring your New Zealand license with you (the Department staff will need to see it);
  • Bring your identity documents with you, including documents which prove you are living in Western Australia (these can be a rental agreement, a utility bill, etc); and
  • Pay the transfer application fee ($40.70) and the licensing fee (1 year of licensing is approximately $41.80).

Click here to find your nearest Department of Transport.