Getting Connected – Utilities in Australia

When you move to Australia and secure a lease or purchase a home you will need to arrange for connection of all the utilities, such as gas, internet and electricity, to the residence. This can be done online or by simply telephoning the company you wish to use as your supplier. There are often numerous providers of the same service to choose from, each with their own pricing system and usually offering competitive products and services.

Some services are provided by the same company in conjunction with other services, such as combined electricity and gas, telephone and internet and now even Foxtel offer internet services together with their pay tv packages. You should conduct your own research before deciding on a provider as there is sometimes a lock-in period of time that you must remain with them, even if you move house. In most cases utility providers will conduct a nation-wide credit history check.

There are some businesses that offer full connection services. These businesses will go to all the trouble of getting your utilities connected for you. They make their money by taking a commission from service providers that they connect you with. Some of these businesses include Connectnow, Directconnect, Fastconnect and Movinghub.

The following is a state guide to some of the main utilities providers. You should ask around and research online to find more providers that might be available – some offer special online-only deals for customers who sign up on their website.