As we move closer to being a cashless society, the days of finding $10 stuffed in a coat pocket or $2 glinting on the street may soon be behind us.

But did you know there could still be other (very real!) money out there waiting to be found? We’re talking about lost superannuation.

It’s estimated there’s around $13 billion in lost and unclaimed super in Australia. Does any of the following sound like you?

  • You’ve moved to Australia from New Zealand
  • You’ve job-hopped at least once
  • You’ve rented or owned homes at different addresses
  • You’ve changed your name

Then it’s possible you have lost super out there waiting to be reclaimed. Not to worry. It’s easy to get it back.

Search for lost super online in minutes

Your super fund should have a digital search option (via the ATO) for you to do this. (For example, First Super members can log into the firstonline portal and go to ‘Find your lost super’.) You’ll generally need your tax file number, identity information and some account details to do the search, but the results should only take seconds to appear. If there’s other super out there with your name on it, you’ll soon know about it.

Found lost super? Here’s what’s next

If you’ve found lost money either with other super funds or held by the ATO, you can now decide whether you’d like to roll everything into a single account. (This could cut down on fees and make keeping track of your super in future much easier.) Be sure to read the information about consolidating first to make sure it’s the right move for you.

All done? Too easy.

Want ALL your super in the one place, including your KiwiSaver?

If you haven’t moved money that’s in your KiwiSaver account across the ditch yet, and you’re planning to stay in Aus for a while, why not learn more about KiwiSaver transfers to First Super? There are no charges for this process and we’ll help you every step of the way.

Want to put your super with a fund that takes you seriously?

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