Life Insurance in Australia

Life insurance could help your family financially if you or your partner died or became seriously ill and couldn’t work. There are several types of insurance that fall under the broad heading of life insurance. Depending on your circumstances you may need one or more of these:

  • Life cover – this is also known as term life insurance or death cover and pays a set amount of money when the person who is insured dies. The money will be paid to the people who are nominated in your policy as beneficiaries.
  • Total and permanent disability (TPD) cover – this covers the costs of debt repayments, rehabilitation and the future cost of living if you are totally and permanently disabled. TPD is often bundled together with life cover.
  • Trauma cover – this is also known as ‘critical illness’ cover or ‘recovery’ insurance and provides cover if you are diagnosed with a specified illness or injury. Trauma policies include the major illnesses or injuries that will make a significant impact on a person’s life, such as cancer or a stroke.
  • Income Protection – this replaces the income lost through your inability to work and has been explained in a separate section above.