Advantages of Renting in Australia

FlexibilityYou can choose who you want to share accommodation with, where you live and can easily move at the end of the lease without major cost.
Right LocationAccommodation in your preferred location (proximity to school, work, etc).
Rights As TenantsYou have rights and protections guaranteed to you by a tenancy agreement and the advice and protection of your state’s Tenancy Board.
Cost Free MaintenanceYou are not responsible for repairs to the property that you didn’t cause

Disadvantages of Renting in Australia

Short StaysNot suitable for shorter time periods. Leases of less than 6 months are almost impossible to find.
High Initial CostYou need to pay four weeks bond plus 2-4 weeks rent in advance, just to secure the property.
Complex TaskRenting and signing leases is a complex and lengthy task. As a tenant you will need to have a good understanding of English to navigate all the forms.
Shortage of Rental PropertiesSuitable rental properties can be hard to find from time to time so competition can be fierce.
High Cost of RentDepending on the market and the supply of rental properties at the time the price to rent a property can be substantial and account for more than half a weekly wage.
Extra CostsThe amount of the lease generally does not include energy consumption (electricity, water, gas)