Renting in Australia – Tips To Help You Secure A Lease

The rental market in Australia can be savage – we’ve compiled some tips and tricks to help you start renting in Australia!

  • Dress well. Look and act the part of a clean and neat tenant.
  • Attach all documents that will make you look like a good, upstanding citizen. If you’re a volunteer for a charity, include it!
  • Try to be as neat and legible as possible on your rental application forms. Remember, this goes directly to the landlord and they make the ultimate decision. Neat handwriting on a form may not necessarily mean you’re a neat and tidy tenant but it sure looks better when compared to a scribbled application!
  • Consider writing a short letter about yourself that describes your love of gardening and of keeping a neat house. Include a photograph of your family if you want to.
  • If you can, offering to pay several months rent in advance can help to push your application to the top of the pile when there are a large number of applicants for a property.
  • There have been times where competition for rental properties has been so high that potential tenants have offered to pay more rent for properties in order to secure the lease. This is only advisable if you can truly afford to and only if you’ve not had previous success because of high competition.