Vehicle Insurance in Australia

There are several types of car insurance available. You should consider your own circumstances, as well as local and national stats, in order to establish the level of insurance you should have for your car. Some interesting facts to consider are:

  • Over 13 million passenger vehicles are on Australian roads.
  • According to a recent survey conducted by NRMA Insurance, one in six drivers confess that they wouldn’t leave their details should they hit your car when you weren’t there.
  • Nationally there were an average of 141 motor vehicle thefts per day in 2014/2015
  • One in three vehicle fires attended by NSW fire authorities in 2013/14 were stolen vehicles.
  • Around half of all collisions occurred in the afternoon between 12pm and 6pm.
  • The most common day to have a collision is Friday.

In order to make it easier to understand the scope of cover that each insurance policy provides, we’ve divided them into the three levels.