Working with Children – South Australia

In South Australia, the check needed to work with children is called the DCSI Screening Clearance, and is performed by the Department for Communities and Social Inclusion. All convictions (including juvenile), spent convictions, pending charges, non-conviction charges, allegations made to police and/or disciplinary information from child-related employers on a person’s record are taken into consideration when issuing or refusing to issue a DCSI Screening Clearance.

There is a fee of $101.75 for a check if you are in paid employment, or a fee of $56.10 if you are volunteering or doing an internship (unpaid). The forms to apply for a DCSI Screening Clearance are available online, but your employer may provide them to you. Once they have been completed, you will need to produce 100 points of ID to be verified by an authorised witness (for example, a Justice of the Peace or solicitor). Your employer should then attend to completing their part of the form and lodge it with the appropriate authority.